Underground United Vol. 4 Vinyl LP

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DWC's own copies of this very limited compilation with the demo version of Daily Nightmare - the released version of which was from the Mad As A Hatter EP. 

Track List:
A1 BOLT Warhead – Impact in the Valley of 18.1.16 (The Under Pressure Remix)
A2 The Criminal Minds – The Name Of The Posse
A3 Blade – Down For The Art Of It
A4 Polo & Syren – Untitled Demo
A5 II Tone Committee – Tones Of Twice

B1 First Down – North By North West
B2 Def Wish Cast – Daily Nightmare (Demo Version)
B3 ScaryÉire – Hold Tight
B4 JASS Productions – Travellin' Light
B5 The Agony Brothers – Jericho Horns 

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